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White fused alumina
Brown fused alumina
Black fused alumina
Pink fused alumina
Zirconia fused alumina
Silicon carbide
Chromite Sand
Boron Carbide
Ceramsite sand
Garnet sand
Glass Beads
Free Dust Sand

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Address: Room 1409, #1 building, Lvdi Centre, Daxue South Road, ZhengZhou City, Henan Province, China


Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co.,Ltd,founded in 1999, specialized in fused alumina,silicon carbide,boron carbide,chromite sand and other related products. 

Our production runs under the standard of GB, ISO, FEPA, and JIS, AFS.

We offer various items depending on the demands of our customers.

We have self-importation and exportation rights . Currently, We have exported our products all over the world, such as Europe, 

USA, India, and Japan, enjoying good reputation in machinery, metallurgy, light industry and other fields. 

We can produce and customize any size of these abrasive grits, welcome to inquiry.


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